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  • charlie linnell

「old injury」- original song.

hello! here is my newest song ”old injury”, it’s not only the newest but the 10th song of 2022! woho! here we go... (can i say that Lupin was an excellent team mate in this video?)


it’s the second song inspired by the JD trial that took place this last month.

creative process

this song was produced in just one day. i miss doing daily music productions. but i don't have the time or energy which is natural this time of year. the summer is here soon and i need some rest and recovery. may and june are two of the most hectic months at work, so instead of being creatively productive, i spend time resting and resting and resting. :) i'm happy i can make music on wednesday next week!


it’s a seahorse. male seahorses carry their young ones in their pouch on their tail. it’s cute. :)


you showed me pictures of a long lost world

it makes me smile but i don’t wanna go there

i listen to your words, they’re molded strange

they’re shaped to fit your fabricated tales

to tend a wound that never mends

i tried to close it up with time and space

you cannot talk without tearing up

the same old injury inflicted on me

i wish you didn’t reply

i came to say goodbye

i know i will forget your name

i wish that i was wiser

i wish that you were kinder

but everything is just the same

and there’s nothing more to hide

cut vicious ties with influences

a court is filled with lies

you’re in deny you hold your grudges

to stand up straight but avoid your eyes

you seem to vanish in a cloud of dust

keep resisting when it comes to trust

keep insisting it should always be us

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