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  • charlie linnell

after all this time? always.

hello hello!

it's time for another youtube release, and this time it's a song about strong feelings, about wanting to reach out, about wanting for someone to understand after all this time.

it's a song without any string instruments (apart from the software instrument string section, but there are no acoustic or electric guitars and no ukulele. in most of my songs i always use to put in some sort of guitar part but i felt like this song is enought with piano and percussion and different types of synthesizers.

some inside information about the lyrics part!:

i wrote the lyrics in a hammock in a park.

i wanted to convey the feeling of not even taking the first step and talking to the person. "i mean, if you haven't tried you haven't failed." it's an interesting thought. i think it's possible to implement the feeling in different scenarios and dreams in life.

are there things that you want to do but scares you so much to fail at so you haven't started? is it possible to take a tiny step forward toward that dream? when i started releasing music, i didn't even dare to show myself on camera in the first videos (they are not published, haha). and there are still things that scares me but i believe those are the things that you gotta do. know why it is important to you and try taking the first steps, in your own pace. you gotta do it for youself and no one else.

the second part of the verse, i believe it's more about a dialoge with an inner muse of creativity. "finish all the paintings. fill in all those lines. all the things you never dared to do, i'll make them come alive." it's another beginning if you compare it to the first verse. it's like an inner spark of courage speaks here.


i'm happy of the lovely comments i got from people, i'm happy this song got to be inside your ears.

take care

(´・` )♡

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