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  • charlie linnell

3 advice on being less distracted

one thing i really wanna dive into more is my relationship with my iphone and social media. i talked about this in an earlier post, about the negative aspects of our digital tools. i am not against social media or against the digital world we live in. i am in fact a tech nerd, and i am proud to call myself that.

i am in fact more against wasting my time every day on less important things, or more specific -

i am against putting off the essential acitivites because less essential digital activities take up too much space.

which means, if i make time for the important things every day, i have no problem being on social media or watching an anime at the end of the day, but in small doses.

my first advice: try a social media free month - this fall of 2020, i decided to take a break from social media. so i went offline the whole month of november. the first week was pretty hard, i was feeling a lot of resistance of not scrolling away on all the platforms but i slowly started to feel less and less of that resistance. in the end of november, i didn't mind not looking at the endless posts of content at instagram. now i feel less distracted and more focused. i feel more present.

my second advice: schedule your social media time to a minimum - in december, when i allowed myself to go back to social media, i set this rule to only login to social media on saturday mornings, 20 minutes. i have read that you only need 20-30 minutes per week to feel that satisfying feeling of connection. (i used to spend around 2-3 hours per day on my phone.) if you want to access social media everyday, then schedule 20 minutes in the evening for social media. this is not as effective though.

my third advice: delete your social media apps on your phone - perhaps it's hard to stay away from the social media apps on your phone. everytime i got a bit bored, my brain went on autopilot and logged into instagram. i wasn't making an active choice. so i decided to delete all my apps on my phone. deleted apps: facebook, instagram, pinterest, tiktok. instead i use my laptop on saturdays and i feel like i value more what i see now. (when i became a minimalist, i reduced my apps on my phone and deleted accounts for tumblr, twitter, snapchat, etc).

bonus advice: turn off all those notifications on your phone - you don't need those. but this advice alone is probably not gonna work. but it's gonna make you feel less distracted.

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