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  • charlie linnell

2020 mashup

so 2020 is gone and it's time for some mashup music talk. i think i started my mashup series around 2015.. so this will be the 6th video. 2020, i got to release 6 singles on youtube and 3 songs on spotify! i've learned a lot this year and many good things have happened.

2020 is the year that i started to simplify my music process. i really digged deep and thought about where in the process i waste time and where in the process do i produce the most results? and how can i do more of that?

this year, i experimented some more in the music production field. i made some songs and when the song was done i thought "ok. this could be on spotify." Just walk away, All around and Love instead happened to show up on spotify. nice surprises! my dad mastered the songs on spotify. Kat Bula, an American violinist played string sections in All around. the song leveled up.

i am happy for music and i am happy i still produce. i think this year i'll be able to make more songs.

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