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  • charlie linnell

all my songs 2018

hello! how are you doing! hoping you are fine!

i’m great. sitting in a coffeehouse this sunday afternoon drinking oat latte and blogging. thinking of it as a weekly routine.

i accidentally deleted my post. this is my second, but it’s fine. it’s great. it’s fine... yeah.

soon we’ll be having some beer and french fries at our local pub.

but before that i want to tell you about my new youtube video. it’s a mashup of all my released songs 2018. i had to take a break this january because 2018 was a year of study, indeed. i studied songwriting, music production and music marketing. on top of that i fixed my home studio and released ep acorn and single how do we win? on spotify.

i’m happy for that, but I really miss making music on youtube. those fast and inspiring productions and all of the songs that come with it. when i just produce one or two projects a year, i can’t help but feeling restless. i want to create more.

so, youtube - i’m finally back.

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