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  • charlie linnell

2019 - thank you!

thank you for listening to my songs on youtube or spotify! i'm happy that I've been creating music and videos for over 5 years now. so far i've released 35 original songs on youtube, one EP called "acorn" and one single called "how do we win?" on spotify (+ many other plattforms). the song "acorn" has only been released on spotify, so a total of 36 original songs! sugoi! i'm looking forward to creating new songs and new feelings attached to the songs.

i know that this blog and website isn't visited as much as my youtube, spotify, and instagram, but i think it's really nice to have my own place on the internet, just for my songs and my music project. it's nice to feel that i own this website too, that it ties together my music and my social media plattforms in a nice way. it's fun to look back at all the blogposts and songs i've made.

i released a mash up video of all my released music 2019. 2019 was a good year. it was the year i created my project "modern mixtape". if you don't know what it is - modern mixtape is basically my songs released in an ongoing playlist called "modern mixtape" and i plant an irl tree for every song i release. it's a nice way to stay motivated and feel like i contribute more. even if i'm just one person i still want to do as much as i can to create a better world.

take care // charlie

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