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  • charlie linnell

14 songs in one year.

last week i uploaded "2021 mashup" of all my 14 original songs i released last year. this was the first time i had some difficulties in mashing them up together. i think my favorite songs are "making it up", "bittersweet" and "summertime" but when i think about it, the other songs are close to taking the lead as well.

some of the songs will appear on spotify this year. 〜(^∇^〜)i've never released that many songs in a year! it makes me really happy. i've been thinking what i did differently this year...

well, i made a simple project template. it meant i didn't have to "invent the wheel" every time i started a new song. that meant that my favorite instruments, effects and settings was already done. by automating the music process, i saved time and were able to create more.

another aspect is the more i create, the faster i get? i guess?

and, when working full-time, i have to be more deliberate with my time, and i've been trying to make a routine out of it for many years. i believe this routine is the best so far. in short:

  • writing songs every day (30 minutes)

  • music production every day (60 minutes)

  • releasing songs every two weeks (sundays)

i think setting a realistic deadline is important.

also, i have more time when i quit social media. and yes - i've noticed that people was reminded by my music through my instagram posts, but i believe this is for the better. i need to put the focus on where it belongs - and that is in the creative process. and it makes me really happy and fulfilled.

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