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  • charlie linnell

1 year after minimizing social media.

1 year after

it has been over a year now since the day i deleted my instagram account and so far, so good. i don’t miss being on instagram. i don’t miss being more active on social media. i don’t want to go back there and here’s why.

more aware

i reduced my social media time to a bare minimum and a few months after deleting instagram, i felt like i was back in 2012, the days before i started to consume content and post things on social media. it’s hard to describe it but i feel more awake?

i feel like thing’s have slowed down. i have more time. i am more aware of my thoughts and my surroundings. i’m no longer stuck in a social media feed. i’m no longer reaching for my phone 24/7. i’m no longer consuming endless content.

how do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible? we exploited a vulnerability in human psychology. we give you a little dopamine hit. - sean parker

i reclaimed my precious time.

i’ve been thinking about it. perhaps it’s much more harder for an artist to create in this day and age? i feel like there are too many distractions now. before social media, it was so much easier to pick up any instrument.

the main problem i experienced when i used social media was that i always felt like i didn’t have enough time to make music. the more i used my phone, the less motivated i got. i didn’t have enough energy to create. now, i have so much time on my hands and i create more than ever. i have more time to get to know my own thoughts.

to be a creator, i think it's important to find a healthy balance between consuming and creating, and that can be by reducing the screen time and social media usage.


disclaimer: something to someone is something else to someone else. if you get inspired by my words and want to apply anything to your own life then that’s wonderful. if you don’t agree with me then that’s okay too. no hard feelings. i’m not trying to convince anyone of anything, i just want to write about interesting topics because it’s just a pure simple pleasure of mine. thank you for reading. :)

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