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  • charlie linnell

「what to do」- behind the song.

hi, time for a new bts (behind the song) blog, it’s about the new song ”what to do”.


i think you can divide the song into two parts, the melody and the lyrics. the melody is happy, fun, playful, cheerful, like the lyrics in the chorus. overall, the lyrics is more or less about the never ending consumerism and mass media. (deep, eh?)

it’s about the way advertisement is created to make us feel bad and consume things we probably don’t need. don’t get me wrong - i like the idea of solving problems and bringing value to a buyer but the negative aspect starts when the marketing invents problems (where there are none) based on people’s insecurities. there are all these unrealistic standards to always live up to in society and it’s designed to make us feel bad and never good enough just to make more profit. i think the most important part is self-awareness and making more conscious decisions.

if you can tap into people’s insecurities — if you can needle at their deepest feelings of inadequacy — then they will buy just about any damn thing you tell them to.” - Bernays

creative process

again, the song was made at two times in two weeks. i aim to sit down and produce almost every night in the weekdays. but i don’t have the energy after work after commuting to just sit down and produce. the thing is when you just take action and sit down, the motivation and creativity will always appear.


a playful otter swimming free in water. :3


climbing the stairs

a place you don’t know

can’t see the end

a long way to go

changing the pace

try to keep up

the story is real

and it’s time to grow up

reading all

the stories they tell

figuring out

the stories will sell


saying farewell

to peace and calm

and feeling well

Keeping the right ones to stay by your side

you’ll know what is true

you know what to do, you know what to do

and not even a sign of regret, you see

i know what to do, i know what to do

making a change and it’s ours to decide

you know what to do, you know what to do

and not even a sign of regret, you see

i know what to do, i know what to do

free to be whoever we decide

illusions of stars

shining their light

superficial needs

making it bright

spraying their truth

around with one goal

insecurity is

bought and sold

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