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  • charlie linnell

「the moment」- behind the song.

hej hej, it’s sunday and a new song is here - the moment!


the song is inspired by a book i read called ”dear emmie blue”, i’m not used to read romantic novels but i wanted to get some inspiration for a love song and in the process i enjoyed the book. the lyrics are made up from different letters the main character reads. it’s a cute story with a good plot twist. i’m not gonna say more.


a love song. yeah. with longing, lingering feelings...

creative process

i didn’t have time to produce much because of work, some weeks are like that and it’s okay, it doesn’t have to be perfect every time. but one day this week i started and finished the whole song. i took the crappy original audio i recorded from my iphone and downloaded it to Logic, and then i took the original audio from the video where i sing and downloaded it to Logic as well. i recorded a new ukulele track alongside the crappy audio and recorded vocals to match the video where i sing with lupin. i think it worked pretty well. the crappy original audio didn’t play after a beat and it isn’t that tight...

but i guess it’s part of it’s character and charm.


ok it’s a cat fish! because cat. it’s suppose to look like one, and it’s inspired by my red little cat Lupin. nothing more, nothing less.


20 days until I see you

i’ll patiently wait

never know what you’re up to

didn’t expect you to move away

20 miles is not that far, no

waiting for a call to pick you up

open-minded, keeping secrets

you know, it’s about us

i sometimes lie awake and wonder what you do

i wonder if you’re awake and wonder too

always knew we had it

the moment i met you

everything fell in place

always knew we had it

the moment i met you

everything fell in place

i can’t stop wish for us

maybe one day i’ll tell you

”i like you too”

one day i will have the courage

right know this song will do

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