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  • charlie linnell

「sinking teeth into what's left from yesterday.」

hello there! i'm back with a (late) post of my new song that's up on my channel. i really enjoyed making it, (although it was released some days after planned release). but it's okay, it's important to know your own limits.

the weekend i usually planned to release music was filled with lots of fun things. i celebrated a dear pal of mine who turned 30. we were out drinking at a safe distance for people. the day after i went to see a friend, we where in some sort of science museum and also had some coffee and talked for hours, it was really fun. well spent weekend. so this music piece had to wait. :3

it's saturday now and i am lying in my futon with the cats. they are sleeping so close to each other and the sky outside is blue and sunny. i am having a relaxed sleepy morning, i'm really happy.

enjoy your saturday!


waking up at ten

fill the morning cup

spend some time in bed

before i’m finally getting up

stress and worries gone

call some take-away

raspy voice i’m done

on weekends i just wanna play

nothing’s planned today

sinking teeth into what’s left from yesterday

switching off my phone

no one can reach me,

i got some time alone

just wanna take it slow

the list of things to do can wait for tomorrow

swallowed by a book

turn another page

save this favorite quote

to a future rainy day

turn it to a song

or something to paint

let the minutes count

there’s so much to create


morning after

let’s stay inside today

let’s chill inside and play

morning after

make room to slow it down

make room to really let it show

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