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  • charlie linnell

「rainbow」- original song.

new song after the summer vacation! here is ”rainbow”, the 11:th song this year:


it’s more or less about being in a situation you dislike and feel bad in. you are aware that you’re in it, and then you do something about it. you take action.

creative process

my first produced song this autumn and my 11th released song on youtube this year. this song wasn’t recorded by a metronome so the tempo is flowing. it was harder to add the other instruments because of the uneven tempo, but it felt more alive like this. i started to like the song when it was around 90 % done. i stopped at 95 % as i usually do.


it’s a rainbow fish!


sugar and salt, i’m fed

fabricated life, no goals far ahead

no spell puts me in a sleep

no, why you’re into deep?

pulled the covers off

i cared and left, i haven’t forgot

can’t say that i miss it much

your gaze, your warmth and touch

blessed by an early day

keep up, be fine, it’s cool, you’re ok

you want to know my dream

all is what is seems

heal- all my broken bones

and we’ll-learn to let it go

for real- i want to see

a rainbow in a cloudy grey

you’re colorful it makes my day

got much to tell, you wanna stay , with me-

a sunshine in a winter sky,

your bluest eyes warms up inside,

cause everyday you make me smile, it’s you-

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