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  • charlie linnell

「my/their dream」- original song.

new song is up! it’s called ”my/their dream”:


it’s more or less about an individual’s dream and ambitions vs the society’s dream and ambition, sometimes those two doesn’t go together. it’s also about expectations and rewriting the inner goals and purpose to fit your own taste. something like that.

creative process

i did this song in this fourth production sessions, not many sessions but the important part is that i’m satisfied with the song, and so i released it out in the open.


it’s a little crab! for no symbolic reason at all. just felt like i wanted to draw a crab.


set this goal i tried to pursue

tried my best to see it through

and i thought i want it all

the outcome you’re suppose to need

lacking when i have so much

empty, did i lose the touch?

can i pick me up and see

another world that fits just right with me

convinced that i must be like them

tried to act fell back again

i just told you that i’m fine

the truth is that i’ll stop pretending

another plan to act upon

some other way to reach someone

push aside the only truth

at long last this is where i belong

my dream - i’ll try everything, i’ll be everything

my dream - like i said i would be what they all still believe

their dream - i will open my eyes, i will see what is real

their dream - like they said i would be what they all still believe

my dream - i brought me here in the first place

my dream - and i tell them that i’m okay.

their dream - they brought me here in the first place

their dream - and i tell you that i’ won’t stay.

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