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  • charlie linnell

「magical」- original song.

hello! here’s is the latest song ”magical”, the very first song of 2023!


the song is inspired by one of my favorite BL dramas called ”cherry magic”. it’s the first real BL drama i watched and i fell in love.

you can find many references to this drama, like ”magical”. ”tell me now how you feel, what matters the most” is also from ”cherry magic the movie”. the point of view is from kurosawa’s perspective. the last verse ”in a week you’re leaving” is from the movie where adachi leaves because of work. kurosawa tries to be supportive. i guess the pre-chorus and chorus is from the perspective of adachi.

creative process

i gave this song just a week because i did my mashup 2022 this month. i want to release the new songs on weeks where i don’t buy groceries and do my laundry. haha. it means the second song will come out (probably!) tomorrow. :3


it’s a monstera plant, very common in tropical forests, which is the theme of this year. each original song i release is worth 10 real life trees that will grow in amazons rainforest.

apparently, this plant is also called delicious monster, fruit salad plant or fruit salad tree. the fruit of monstera tastes like fruit sallad (i don’t really know how fruit salad tastes like, isn’t that just a combo of many fruits?? does is mean the fruit tastes like many fruits in one?)


never dared to dream it

damn sure it would break apart

like you would believe me

that i fell right from start

i wasn’t fine

you weren’t mine

pretending this is okay

pinch me hard i’m dreaming

got a hunch you like me too

i wonder what you’re thinking

stumbling over what to do

you weren’t mine

i wasn’t fine

pretending this is okay

in a week you’re leaving

tried my best to root for you

but hiding what i’m feeling

daydreams are passing through

you weren’t fine

you weren’t mine

pretending this is okay

i want to prove you wrong

but i belong to the fools and dreamers

i want to speak my mind

what i want what i hide

runs so much deeper

i know what i want

i know i want you

life is magical

as long as i’m with you

tell me now how you feel

what matters the most

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