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  • charlie linnell

「i'm still here.」

hello there! it’s surely been a while since i’ve shared a new blog post!

i’ve been having a great autumn. last time you saw something from me, i released a song the 26th of September, ”bittersweet”. it was one of the songs i finished writing after my summer break. so, I was pretty much in a roll and ready for creating music this autumn. i finished writing one song per week and released one song every other week as usual.

and then.. my work started this ”step competition” and so, because i love to compete, i started to walk more than 10 000 steps per day for two whole months. i thought, "if i was going to compete, i should make an effort". so i didn’t have time to create music. :( my team got to third place in the competition and i got in second place individually for taking the most steps. 19 777 steps by average for two months....

i took a break from creating music this november to make sure to rest a lot. with that said, i’m still here. i’m not going anywhere and i really miss creating and sharing new music. i need music in my life. and so i’m slowly coming back, taking my time to get used to my music routine again. i’m being patient with myself, please be patient. :)

in this picture, i saved a slug from getting burned in the fire.

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