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  • charlie linnell

「i am a minimalist.」

I’d like to write more about some topics that I’m really interested in. One of these topics is that I am a minimalist. It’s something I’ve discovered in the beginning of 2019, so you can say that i've lived as a minimalist for two and a half years. I’m thinking of sharing more about my perspective about minimalism on this blog - mostly for the pleasure I get from being geeky and talking about this and also for documenting my thoughts. And for you, reading my blog, I also hope that you get something out of this reading too.

So, I’ve always liked a clean and organized home. I’m a structure geek. I love making lists. I love planning. My room was often clean and organized when I lived at mom’s home. I liked to go through my stuff and decide to donate or keep. I helped my mom to clean out her storehouse, it was a lot of fun. So with my own apartments, I’ve liked to keep it neat and clean. Sure, it became messy sometimes, but I preferred my home to be clean and tidy.

Fast-forward to the day when I wanted to put up my TV on the wall. I got rid of the TV bench. You see, I learned about something called minimalism and a podcast called ”The Minimalists”. I learned a lot and my decluttering period began. I really started to look at my things with a new perspective.

Here are some small notes about minimalism from my own perspective:

  • Minimalism is a lifestyle in which you reduce your possessions to the absolute minimum you need

  • Minimalism is a tool. It’s not an end goal by itself.

  • Minimalism is so much more than material possessions. It can also involve mental and emotional decluttering, digital information, toxic relationships, unnecessary activities, hobbies, unhealthy habits, and so on.

  • Minimalism focuses not only on decluttering but also on everything that remains.

  • Minimalism continues. The decluttering process proceeds every year.

  • Minimalism is about minimizing, it's not about organizing and cleaning.

  • Minimalism lifestyle is different to every person, it’s not a one size fits all. There is no criteria on how much or how few things you own to call yourself a minimalist.

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