• charlie linnell

「horizon」- original song about Johnny Depp.

hello and happy saturday! here is a new behind the song-blog post about my newest song called ”horizon”.


it’s obviously about johnny depp, i’ve been following this trial which has been going on for many weeks, i think 6 weeks, and because of this i’ve been really inspired in my songwriting. i think you will notice a few hidden messages in the lyrics. for example: ”bring me that horizon” - captain jack sparrow quote, ”animal on display” - from an interview with a young JD, ”i wanna go home” - from an interview when this nightmare started in 2016, ”never fear truth” - JD’s art project.

creative process

i also made this song in just two occasions because of work. but i’m not displeased with the result of the song. :)

again, i used a plugin called EZkeys for the piano. i used Drip’s effect ”lofi” as an addition for the piano. you can hear a ukulele in the beginning of the song. i also wanted minimal percussion because i wanted more focus on the vocals and the lyrics. and it was a surprise for me that the song ended up in a canon at the end of the chorus!


it’s from one of JD’s tattoos. an anchor fish!


they think i have it all

everything’s perfect

not even a flaw

they say i’ve come this far

talent or star

that’s who we are

the say to act my age

for some time

been stuck in this cage

animal on display

do you have the keys

help me run away

even though i’m scared

i’m so unprepared

i’m frightened and confused

i wanna go home


i’m in my head

bring me the horizon

too tired to go to bed

i’m in my head tonight

bring me horizon

never fear the truth

i know i have a choice

i have a voice to use

to change my world