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  • charlie linnell

「High value activities - being off social media (or minimizing).」

This autumn I decided to quit social media. I deleted the majority of my social media accounts, the only account I have right now is my Facebook account and I use it only for the Messenger app on my desktop. So I’m not active on Facebook, I don’t post stuff and I don’t read posts from other people. I don’t comment and like. I don’t engage in groups. And in this very moment, I don’t decide to go back. I’m perfectly happy.

Here is one of the reasons why. I’m more deliberate with my digital usage and these days I experience a greater amount of free time that I’ve never experienced before.

”To make use of time in a productive way is the antithesis to boredom.”

I spend time on high value activities like making music, exercising, meditating, staying in nature, reading books, journaling, and so on. I like taking walks. I like doing archery. I like playing and cuddling with my cats. There are so many great things that I get a lot of value from. For me, these activities are much more vital than social media scrolling.

Some other low value activities I’ve cut down on, apart from social media, are video games, watching series and spending too much time on the sofa. So spending a lot of time in front of a screen consuming entertainment is definitely a low value activity for me. I don't like being passive and just consume a lot of information, instead of being active and doing things. So I try to limit the low value activies.

I use to compare high value activities with healthy food that nourish your body and low value actives that are like junk food. High value activities is healthy and makes you feel good in the long run and low value activites is unhealthy and makes you feel good in the moment but bad in the long run. It’s good to identify and reduce the "junk food" in your life - not necessarily going cold turkey - but to identify and fill your life with more "healthy food".

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