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  • charlie linnell

「high school」- original song.

here’s 「high school」song number 14 this year, yes!!


「high school」is about the high school period. i really enjoyed that time. have many great memories.

i also got the idea for the title from the anime anonymous noise, they have a song there called high school but it sounds completely different.

creative process

i’m not too happy with the creative process this time.

i think it’s a combination of many different factors and one key factor is the darkness and cold weather. i’m pretty low on energy, not exhausted from work, but from this dark months. i also had trouble deciding which song to choose. sat with the song for just two days, saturday and sunday, and i wanted more time producing, but i guess you can say that i brought this on myself, so... :) done is better than perfect.


it’s an eel because the song is about the teenage period and most teenagers sleep a lot. i’ve heard somewhere that green moray eels are lazy but perhaps that’s incorrect, so let’s just leave it like that. :)


snuck your way into my heart

time will keep our worlds apart


won’t make me go there

do you recall the songs you wrote?

i still know every single note

let’s make a deal

i want to sing with you

text messages and nighttime thrill

burning up my mother’s cellphone bill

so much time to kill

take the bus to be with you

lie in the grass one afternoon

it’s all so clear

i only dream of you

memories and clear blue eyes

above us only summer skies

it feels so real

i hold those memories dear

back then we didn’t disconnect

i wrote ”i like you” on your neck

lucky me you didn't even check

this tiny nervous wreck

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