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  • charlie linnell

「here's a little story about juice. 」

so recently, i started juicing my fruits and veggies. i always forget to eat fruit and the veggies has to be in a dish for me to eat it, or else i'll forget to eat veggies too.

i've thought about the idea of juicing for a while now and figured out that i needed, not only the juicing process, but the installment and cleaning process to be quick, easy and effortless. otherwise, i will be too lazy to keep this juicing habit going. so i invested in a small and compact juicer. it's easy to put together, it's easy to clean, it doesn't take up too much space.

i've been juicing in two weeks now. i make mostly my juice on:

ginger, celery, orange, apple, carrots, lemon, grapefruit

i believe this juice habit contributes to a more alert lifestyle. the best part is the ginger kick!

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