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  • charlie linnell

「evergreen」- behind the song.

hello, time for a new song! it’s called ”evergreen” and it’s the fourth song this year.


i made the song in may 2021. i did a thing called ”object writing”. in this song, i picked yoga math and wrote in 10 minutes about everything i could think about connected to yoga maths. i used different senses like: taste, smell, sound, sight, touch and body sensations. after i got this wall of text, i carefully pick out the sentences i think have the potential to be in a song. and that’s how i made this song.


this song is obviously about slowing down and trying to settle with all spinning thoughts and emotions. it’s about taking the well-deserved break we all need sometimes.

tanaka-kun is always listless.

creative process

this song came together almost after two days of music production. i wanted it to be as simple as possible with a lot of vocal harmonies and kalimba sound.


the one and only starfish. why a starfish you say?

”The starfish teaches you to cure yourself over time, fill up the void, and replace it with something better. It symbolizes regeneration, renewal, and self-sustainability.”


blue and shimmering,

an open window letting in the ocean breeze

the countless sounds of people walking on the street

30 minutes to go, a single math on the floor.

i’m stretching out my body in this quiet place

with dripping hair, a peaceful sun kissed face.

now, i’m lying underneath a tree, relaxed and free

right now, i’m constantly surrounded by evergreen

wandering mind,

arriving to the present, we can feel the change

we’re slowly getting better day by day.

now i think of you,

a new sensation guiding me, i’m on my my way

let go, release the tension from this day

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