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  • charlie linnell

「cover up my indecision.」


a new song is here called "bittersweet".

i wrote the lyrics with the image of a café. some weeks ago, i sat by the window seat and looked at people walking by on the street with different clothing styles and different destinations. It was a saturday morning and you could sense that slow happy weekend vibe.

i thought about heart break combined it with a café surrounding. i wanted that cozy but sad, melancoly feeling when you treat yourself with good things when you're kind of sad. i want to write more songs in cafés.



Looking for some clarity

Notice everyone I see

Living carefree


Ruminating constantly

An overthinking mess, you see

I know I’m stupid

Repeating thoughts goes round and round and

Meet me here

Cover up my indecision

Rain is pouring

Leaves are falling on the street



Bury all my hesitation

Rain is pouring

Leaves are falling on the street

It’s Bittersweet

I’m drowning

We are torn and I am here

Once again, these memories

They reappear, so clear


Serve me something I believe

Won’t drink your thoughts, I feel deceived

Though you’d disagree


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