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  • charlie linnell

「color your own world.」

i can’t believe this is the last day of november. autumn just came and left really quickly. it’s really cold outside and i’m walking around in layered clothes. when it’s sunny outside i hurry outside, picking up a book from the library, feeding the birds som pumping seeds or just talking a long walk. when it’s dark and rainy i feel like staying inside, drinking tea, covering myself with my warm and cosy wool blanket. it’s the perfect season for staying indoor and doing creative hobbies. it’s the best thing ever.

another type of hobby of mine is this blog, i don’t see it as an obligation, i don’t have to write every day or every week. i don’t force myself to write. that’s why i think i enjoy it the most when i finally take my time to write something. most of the time i write about my music, it’s nice to keep track of my creativity and go back to see how a certain song came to life. i write what i want and i do it because i truly enjoy it. i think blogging is fun, creative and it gives me a lot of value in life. it’s the same with music, i really feel alive when i create music.

i think it’s good to have some sort of hobby or activity in your life that you enjoy doing. if there is no hobby in your life, then it’s a good time to start experimenting. i believe it’s only a matter of time until you find something that interests you. i even got hooked on working out and going to the gym, i used to hate the gym. perspectives and values can change in a person. you can grow so much. i think new experiences are great, and it’s healthy to really suck at something. it’s truly the first step of getting good at something.

so with that pepp talk to myself and you who are reading this - let’s enjoy winter season.

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