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  • charlie linnell

「boundaries」- original song.

hi! i released a song on youtube called ”boundaries” two weeks ago. it’s my second song of the modern mixtape series 2023.


i wrote this song in december 2020. i recall watching a video on a social media plattform back then. it was about a daughter and her mother, it was about discrimination and the mother wrote that she wished for the daughter to ”break through the boundaries that the world will place around her”. it made an impact, so i wrote the sentence down for a future song. and this is the song.

creative process

i wanted to try something different this time, more electronic and dance, so i listened to some daft punk songs, especially ”digital love”, i also got inspiration from the song ”i do” by an artist called Amy 艾雨帆. i listen mostly to the energy in the songs and how it’s structured.


it’s an amazon jungle vine called ”cissus amazonica”. each original song i release is worth 10 real life trees that will grow in amazons rainforest.


seconds away from a closure

i’m drifting away from painful emotions

making it all come together

i’m taking my time to feel so much better

i know that you just wanna break through

the boundaries the world has placed around you

lets build a new game together

i promise this feeling will last forever

walls around me are crumbling

turning to dust, soars all around me

never once seen the outside

slowly taking in the morning skyline

my legs go weak

heart skips a beat

i’ve been waiting for so long

to take the leap

i’m closing in

can feel the heat

i’ve been waiting so long

waiting so long

a better life

come crashing in

’cause i know it’s a new start


embrace the change

i’ll take a break

i’ve been waiting for so long

waiting for too long

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