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  • charlie linnell

「10 %」- original song.

here’s my latest song ”10 %”. the third song in the modern mixtape series 2023. each original song i release is worth 10 real life trees that will grow in the amazons rainforest.


the song is more or less about making more room for creativity, having balance between work and free time. last year, i got the chance to work 90 % and spend the rest 10 % to creating music. i wrote a lot of songs and released 17 original songs. i learned a lot by this experience and i think it’s the result of how much music and videos i create today.

creative process

”10 %” was fun to make, and i wanted to try to incorporate more lofi/hip hop instruments. i have a weak spot for the sub bass in the song. the song is intentionally simple, i figured out i didn’t want more tracks. just keep it simple, stupid.


it’s supposed to look like a ”rafflesia arnoldii”. it’s a species of flowering plant in the parasitic genus rafflesia. it is noted for producing the largest individual flower on earth. it has a strong and unpleasant odor of decaying flesh. (uhh...) it is native to the rainforests of sumatra and borneo.

the choice of plant has nothing to do with the song, i just think it’s pretty cool.


time passing by

this overtime

been looking for this instead

i’ve changed my mind

not gonna lie

between my heart and head

a new routine

what about me

can i never let it go

barely holding it up

there is no stop

can we watch each other grow

flow like water, break a barrier

i need some time and room

grow mistakes collect the lessons

like a garden in bloom

and just one day i will know

don’t wanna wait no

don’t wanna live in yesterday

release some time to do it


don’t wanna hold up

when it’s time to start again

the answer is as clear as

ten percent

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