story time!


i started writing and producing my own songs when i was 16 years old, but played around in Garageband as a 14 year old kid. i noticed i enjoyed making music from scratch, it was one of the best feelings i knew.


i tried experimenting with different harmonies, instruments and i made songs that was packed with strong teenage emotions (being a teen is hard). i quickly learned that i resonated the most with my songs that is created with authentic emotions. it's like the song is alive, like i left a piece of my own soul in there and i could feel it. (sorry, i can't explain better than that).

it was after graduating from upper secondary music school, finishing my college degree and getting my first job that i started making music on youtube december 2014. i still make music today in my home studio, in my own pace. my music on youtube is produced simple for a reason - i focus on creating and learning new things. 

my goal is pretty simple - to continue making music, developing my sound and be creative free and satisfied.


thanks for listening, watching and any comment you write me!


i've also released music on Spotify. when i've spent more time on a song i feel like it deserves to be there.

click on the covers if you want to listen to them.

Passion project
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modern mixtape is a series of my songs, released as singles and together forming an ongoing playlist.

For every song released, I plant 10 trees in real life, which represents a sprout illustration.