hello! i’m sitting in my couch and appreciate my little cat who is sleeping next to me. i’m completely in love with this furry friend. i’m happy i finally got to take care of him after many days and weeks of waiting.

he is from an animal shelter, the shelter where i use to volunteer. one day i saw him and they said that he is for sale and i can take care of him. i promised myself that if he isn’t taken in a few weeks i will go for it. i saw a few people were interested in him, (you can make an interest inquiry and they put up a little sign on the cage) but one day the sign was gone. i decided to keep him and quickly run and placed an interest inquiry sign on his cage.

i‘m so lucky to have found a kind, playful and cheerful cat. now i’ve got three cats and Bilbo is the missing piece in this family.


hello! since i’ve been inside for some time now i’ve recently been in the mood to do things that i usually do. i miss the animal shelter where i volonteer. i miss working out, going to the gym, group training or just running. i miss practicing archery with the club members. i miss singing and vocal practice. i miss having dinner and game nights with friends. i’m really happy that i get to do these activities. looking forward to be back on track!

i am having a good time inside my apartment as well. my introvert part of my self is really satisfied and comfortable. i write songs, i pet my cats, i produce songs, i plan future activities. i get to rest my mind. and these are also great things! perhaps many people actually need this? i mean taking things more slow, take a break from a hectic life? i don’t know! o(`ω´ )o


this week i released "love instead" on spotify! ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪

it's co-produced with my dad, and that makes this song extra nice! it's fun to produce songs together with him. he is always making sure i get the positive and constructive feedback i need. he isn't afraid to tell me when something needs to be fixed in the production. i'm happy i get to talk music and music production with him!

"love instead" is a special song and in the youtube video you can see my cat celsier being the main character. of course he should be on the album cover together with me. my adorable cat!

take care